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Hi there,

Today we are running a texturing competition for our Games Art students using Substance Painter 1.7.3

The kind people at Allegorithmic have given us a model to texture, and the entries are being judged by a Senior Artist from Rebellion.  :)

This thread is for students to post their entries before the deadline of 18:00! All images are produced in Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 and should all look awesome  :)



Message from the Allegorithmic team:
we will offer a Substance Painter 2 license to our favorite ;)

Good luck guys  8)
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Thomas Andy Butnariu - Substance Painter Competition Submission

Substance Painter Competition Submission

Roger Assifuah - Substance Painter Competition Submission

Sean Gorse - Comet - Substance Painter competition submission.

Michael Hindley

Nova Cruiser:
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Naomi Favre

Hadrian Reamon


Great work everyone, you all worked really hard today,   and thank you very much to the Allegorithmic team for giving a copy of painter 2 to the eventual winner, I'm looking forward to the results!



Everyone has posted his/her work?


Yes all done thanks Vincent

Hey all it's me Lance from Rebellion.
Firstly congratz to everyone for entering the competition and having the hunger for games art!
Every submission had some great work put into it but unfortunately there can only be so many winners. I spent some time last night looking at the entries and found it very tough to pick out the top spot as there was a lot of good stuff going on. Although I didn't have time to write feedback for each individual there are points in the feedback which could apply to many entrants so take a read.

Keep up the good work everyone and congratz to the winners!

1st place – Thomas Andy Butnariu

The texture has a good complimenting colour scheme reminiscent of classic racing vehicles, it also gives the asset some good directionality and helps draw the eyes over the engines and into the cockpit.
Material separation is decent and in general the object wear makes sense; however, I reckon the wear is a bit overdone as it’s on a majority of edges as well as places where there would typically be more build-up of dirt/dust as opposed to exposed metal.  Finally, it’s well presented with some good views and a decent FOV with vignette, bloom and DOF which always makes something 100% better: D

Runner Up – Hadrian Reamon

I love the sleek, simple look of this texture. it’s dark and menacing like a fighter jet, I also love the Spitfire inspired design elements and the warning strip around the intakes. The materials are also pretty decent with some nice breakup between the shroud and inner workings. If I was to make a critique I’d maybe say give it some good damage to help convey a story, something like bullet holes or laser burns to hit home the fighter craft feel. The presentation was lacking slightly, some post processing from marmoset as well as a lower FOV would have really taken this to the next level. The texture is really well themed and is recognisable to many.

Honourable Mention – Sean Gorse

Texturing was nice with a real a bit of a Fallout retro feel, some the engine effects/processing were a nice touch. The darkness of the backdrop engulfed the overall object making some areas hard to read, the framing and views were also a tad awkward. Even still the clean texturing and strong feel make it a strong effort.

So our turn... and the winner of the Substance Painter 2 licence is :

Thomas Andy Butnariu (Woohoo double winner!)
Congrats! Now you have to do even more crazy and awesome work to share with the community ;)

As this vote was the result of different people opinion, I didn't plan to explain why we chose you, but now I feel I have too because this review will boost your carrer like never before  :D :

"As you may know, Allegorithmic, is a French company with most of the workforce located in France, and as you will understand in few seconds, it was key in the decision process: the red tones  that you chose for your model remind us the subtile color of the red wine (a Bordeaux, or a Bourgogne maybe), while the white color definitely represents a goat cheese or a camembert. You just touched the right fiber before lunch time! You remembered that before being artists, or developers, we are just food lovers!"

Seriously, I can't speak for the whole team, but your model is definitely great, and the competition was high: all pods are really cool so congrats to all the students!

Thomas: send me an email : vincent.gault at

Oh wow, well, this definitely made my day, no ... year. Woooohoo indeed !

First off, thank you, Tim Ash for arranging this contest and helping us with everything, thank you Lance for judging our contest and giving us much needed feedback and thank you Vincent and all the awesome people at Allegorithmic, that was the most awesome and hilarious feedback I've ever seen, and I will remember it and treasure it my whole life hahaha.

And as a side note, Substance painter is for sure one of the best tool's I've ever used, everything feels really intuitive and natural (guess that's I got literally lost just making scratches and dents everytwhere, and don't get me started on the particle effects hehe). Well now I have all the time to learn nook and cranny of it, and hopefully make you guys proud.

Again, thanks everyone, this has been a awesome opportunity, I will take all the advice to heart and definitely keep it in mind for all future projects
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