Author Topic: Why can't starting SD5.3.4 in OSX 10.11.4?  (Read 764 times)

My mac's system is OSX 10.11.4.My Substance Designer version is 5.3.4.But i can't starting SD5,It's very sad!Can you help me?Why system does not match the version?

I'm sorry my Substance Designer version is 5.3.5

The newest patch seems to have screwed things up.
I've already reported the bug via the documentation page, but I attached my crash log to this post as well.
SD 5.3.5 in OSX 10.11.2 for me

Indeed the Steam version of Designer version 5.3.5 on OSX suffers from a crash on launch. We're working on this and a fix should be available early next week. Meanwhile, as it is not possible to download older versions on Steam, you can send an email to to request to get access to Designer from our website instead of from Steam.