Author Topic: SGM Baked Generation Mode - Texture Missing  (Read 2743 times)

By putting default generation mode for substances to SGM Baked, it removes some of the texture in the .exe build. Below are the attach images of what its showing in the .exe build and how its looking inside the editor.

Other issue we are having is, we want to use substance textures as a regular streaming textures so we set the default generation mode to SGM Baked and disable the Runtime Modifications in the Substance Graph Instance file but streaming details still shows textures are used as a non-streaming.

Is there some settings that we are missing as we have a large scene and without streaming it, its going to texture memory pool.


Hi parth1608,

Just to confirm, does the text show up correctly if set to non baked generation? What if you leave it baked but leave runtime modifications enabled?

In general, streaming support is on the roadmap but we haven't added the support for it yet.

No, it doesn't show up in the non baked generation also. I am using 4.11 version.
So right now even if I set the Generation mode to baked, texture doesn't get streamed?

Do you have a timeframe of when streaming will be integrated?


Hi parth1608,

Correct, right now setting it to baked just means we save the texture to disk for cooking and then import it as a regular Texture.

I don't have a timeframe in mind right now, but it's high on the priority list. You aren't the only one who has requested this feature :)

So if the texture are being imported as a regular texture then why they are not streaming?


Hi parh1608,

It's only because of how the textures were set up, we didn't offer the ability to stream them. It's an oversight and we will fix it