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the weakest part of substance designer is its connection to photoshop.

a way to adress that issue would be to create a node that reads a photoshop file and creates an output from each photoshop layer, non-destructively. if the layer has a mask, why not offer a second mask output.

atm, if you edit a layer in photoshop, the ouput of the linked photoshop file gets updated as well. but if you i.e. add another layer in photoshop, this is beeing ignored.
would be great, if that "photoshop node" would simply get another output added in such a case, named like the layer in photoshop.

so while editing layers in a photoshop file, that is linked into substance, is non destructive, adding layers in photoshop is not reflected. and this is quite a limitation, that shouldn´t be necessary, imo
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Hey, thanks fo the suggestion!
It can definitely see the value, that said it can be tricky (I saw a lot psd with dozens of layers which would give a "tower node" with 50 outputs within SD)
If it happends one day, we'll have to find the right design :)

Hi Vince, thanks for your reply!

If I look at the complexity of more advanced graphs, a 50 output tower node doesn´t seem problematic to me. Concerning the design: I would start with 4 output types:

1 for simple bitmap layers
1 for layers with masks (consists of two outputs, that can be collapsed into one)
1 for layer groups (consists of x outputs, that can be collapsed into one)
1 for adjustment layers

I think the goal shoudn´t be to reflect each and every feature of photoshop in substance, but to create a bridge-node, that simply makes a non-destructive interaction between both tools possible.
And as I wrote in my first post, the inability to add or remove layers is the main kill-joy atm.

I would consider photoshop as a kind of input tool, which might be hard to replace or emulate (due to its complexity), so why not embrace it.
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I notice this too, its actually my only real disappointment. What I love about 3dcoat is being able to export true PSD. They are a bit behind in PBR yet but it's actually a really fantastic feature. I really hope eventually with substance we'll see true, non destructive PSDs. Missing you layers! Unless I am reading this wrong, or doing it wrong.

Personally, often times even straight out of software I prefer to tweak and play around in photoshop.