Author Topic: Environment Map legal usage in host application  (Read 1710 times)

 Can I import the HDR environments that come with substance designer/painter to a host application like UE4 for commerical purposes? Is that permitted usage under the license?

For the HDR maps it's case by case: we made some of them (for this you can contact us), and we bought some (for this we cannot give any right).
In both cases contact us and tell us which one you would like to use ;)

The answer of Gaetan below is the good one :)
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I'd like to use the Canopus Ground environment that comes with the Alien MoodPack in game with UE4.

Other than that I mostly stick with "Panorama" environment that loads as default in Designer/Painter. Can either of these maps be used in host applications?

The content coming from the Mood Packs can be used in your game (in UE4), so if you own the alien pack feel free to use "Canopus Ground".
Regarding "Panorama" it's not possible to use it in another application as this content comes from resources we provide for our tools only (only in-tools base resources for our users).
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