Author Topic: [Solved] New project in Painter 2 warns of being created in older version  (Read 2082 times)

I recently installed Substance Painter 2.0.3.  When I start a new project, import an FBX, I am presented with a warning that the project was created with an old version and will be updated.  Is this because I have some shelf smart materials that were created in Painter 1 or because I have Painter 1 installed or something else?  The message is disconcerting since it is a NEW project. 

How to fix this?
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I had the same problem.

I think the solution was to pick a different Template on the "New project" window.
You might be picking up on a SP1 template.

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Thanks.  I'll take a look.  I never noticed the templates but that could be it.

That was indeed the problem: wrong template (actually not selecting a template at all).