Author Topic: game textures not loading to shelf  (Read 1474 times)

i've seen this topic come up several times, but never with an answer that solved my issues.

the GT textures show up fin in SP1 at the MacOS path: documents/Substance Painter/shelf/presets/materials

for SP2 Iv'e tried that same path, and also documents/Substance Painter/shelf/materials

Neither works.

I've also tried dragging/dropping a gt to the shelf while SP2 is running, but the log tells me it is the incorrect file type.

thanks for any help


Hey ryan_29,

you need to use the SBSAR files, not the SBS files. Can you confirm you're using the correct file type?

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that is correct. the zip file i downloaded from allegorthmic has a set of file folders with the material name, which has a resroucr.toc, a preset. bin, and a resources folder with two .SBSAR files in it.