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I have uploaded a new version on github:

If that's the only error you get, it should be fixed.

can you show us how the shader works, no matter what kind of outputs and color inputs i use i cant seem to get the right results (simple gold just for as a test)


Sure, here's an example substance including:
  • Gold
  • Stone
  • Stone_Diffuse
  • Earth_Advanced

Download substance

The substances are pretty ugly, but they show you how you need to supply your diffuse, normals (opengl style green inverted), specular (colour in RGB, roughness in alpha), and emissive (colour in RGB, intensity in alpha).

For reference, the author of Lux based his work off of this:

So if you need a pointer on which values will give what, look at the chart.

For the Earth_Advanced substance, you will get a better effect if you turn the 'diffuse exposure' and 'specular exposure' to 0 in the shader settings.

Just FYI, the main topic for Lux4SD is here now:,917.0.html