Author Topic: SUGGESTION: create a wiki for better documentation + tips and tricks  (Read 1816 times)

Hi! I am a Second Life user who has recently purchased Substance Designer through the Steam discount offer and I am in the process of learning how to use the tool at best. Problem is, I have a hard time understanding how to use all the filters and my experience with 3D texturing terminology and techniques is quite limited. Video tutorials helps a bit but watching all of them is time consuming and the fact that most of them are not up to date is a problem. Same problem with the forums, time consuming and disorganized information. I bet that the lack of in-depth documentation is a problem that affects many.

Here is my suggestion: how about creating a wiki open to the contribute of all users? With the wiki, people can document the use of the application for the benefit of all and add tips, tricks, best practices, etc. I'd like to point out what Linden Lab did with their wiki for Second Life users (, an invaluable resource for SL builders and scripters. For best results I suggest to let users free to organize content as they see fit (with supervision, of course) as Linden Lab did with its wiki. This would allow users to create categories for specific needs, such as covering the workflow of applications such as Unity or for Second Life users' needs.

There are a number of free, open source wiki available, so this would be a no-cost project which would offer lots of value to the user community.

I wholeheartedly support this initiative!

Thank you for the support. Unfortunately Allegoritmic doesn't seem to be interested... :(

We are, but we only got so much time and resources.
Don't worry we check these forums everyday and we take note of everything.

Ah, thank you Jeremie. I am glad you guys find my suggestion interesting. I understand the issue of time and resources. This is why users contribution is important in a project such as a wiki. It