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I'm interested in getting more information on saving MDL's from Designer and rendering them with Mental Ray in Maya 2016. Currently when I use this pipeline, Maya 2016 will crash while rendering. I'm not quite sure what I am doing incorrectly.  Allegorithmic support has informed me that only a preset of an existing MDL can be saved and used in Maya (of which I believe there are only a handful).  This is obviously quite limiting as we would like to create our own materials.  Has anyone attempted this and achieved success? Does anyone know if and when there will be a method of creating our own MDL's?  Its great that Iray can render in both Designer and Painter but is this simply an extremely new process that is not ready to be used in a production pipeline for achieving both real-time rendering and using the same assets in Mental Ray for Maya 2016?  This would allow us to use the same identical assets and save quite a bit of time not having to refine material parameters and textures when setting up pre-rendered scenes.  I'm extremely interested in hearing from you - the experts.  I am rather new to Designer and Painter.

A little back story....
I recently attended GDC in San Fran.  I was turned on to this pipeline in a talk entitled "Give Life to 3D Art with MDL and NVidia using Substance Painter"

In this lecture MDL's are called "The New Standard" for multi-layered materials and on the surface I am excited about the idea of being able to use one material cross platform with consistent results. 

from Nvidia

Here's a PDF that illustrates a workflow.

The bottom line - How can we author MDL's that work with Mental Ray for Maya or other renderers?  Is there another method using PBR shaders to get the exact look from Designer/Painter into Maya for rendering?

Thanks a lot guys.

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