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Thank you very much for the plugin.  I have been looking forward to this for long time.

There been some updates over the weekend + new video Now we do not have to save images files out and then load them back in. would be nice add a version number to the plugin eg 1.1  and what new + bugs fixes.

Are there any plans for uses other renders  inside of Houdini eg Rednderman  or Arnold ?

An once aging thank you so very much for the plugin
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Hi vincent_van_gogh,

We will definitely be keeping track of version changes etc as we go on. Right now it hasn't been a focus due to the beta nature.

I have done my best to make the rendering system customizable. For example with mantra you can modify a text file in your dso folder to customize how the shader works. We could see about the same with renderman/arnold in the future.

Wow!  that was a nice surprise!  did not realize it had already been updated!  thank you!
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