Author Topic: why live services is change?  (Read 1906 times)

 I'm a bought upgrade indie pack last black friday sale. and I received the message from allegorithmic fineshed live full payment last month.

but this week I see the strange notice in homepage. designer and b2m create ends on day. also today paypal payment to allegorithmic additional $19.90(full payment is finished last month~!!! )

plz check this situation. also I block the paypal payment.
my allegorithmic account is
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I think the way it works is that when you have made enough payments for a license that does not expire, you have to click into "Get a definitive license".  It is not an automatic grant.  Also, you have to make the extra step of stopping the monthly payments if you no longer want to receive updates.

I have no idea of how they account for people who bought "upgrades" though.

I am sure someone from Allegorithmic will come along soon with a definitive answer for you.  (Today is a holiday for many.)

Hey illustor,

please contact allegorithmic directly via email at This is a strange issue, indeed. (For me at least)
As you already did: Stop the monthly payment immediately.

You should receive an answer with more information from an Administrator soon. Don't forget the E-Mail, though ;)

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Please contact us to, so we can see with you what's the problem.
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