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I will need 4k texture support and UDIM support.  Things are just rendering very blurry at the moment and particles have to much spacing.

I believe the blurriness thing has already been flagged as an issue related to some hardware setups. 4K support has also been confirmed as something that will happen at some point as well.

Just a heads up for letting you know that we read all of those requests and I'm compiling everything right now. We have some cool stuff coming up to help you and us shape Substance Painter together :)

wow, communication seems to really work here!
Btw. is it "better" to post on the steam forums or just right here?!
I saw you did a cleanup, and start to respond here, enhanced the SP fourms, etc..

Awesome, can´t wait for a new release/update  :D

We are reading both Steam and our forum, you can post on which you prefer.

Head of Product Management

Here are my top feature requests...

1. Higher Resolution (at least 8k for max size)
2. Color pick from anywhere (viewport, UI, desktop) & modeless color selector
3. Clone tool
4. Symmetry
5. More intuitive FILL tools for both color and material.
6. Edge Masking based on normals falloff (
7. Cavity/AO masking

The other thing I would love to see doesn't really fit as a bullet point list item.  What I would love to have is a way to set the properties of the object's materials separately from the painting process.  The workflow I would prefer for creating texture maps is to paint each one (diff, spec, bump, etc) and not paint materials with the brushes.  The shader would be controlled via a UI panel where you adjust the basic parameters and the contribution of each map type.  Make sense?  This would make SP more suited for professional VFX work and a great companion for Zbrush.  Check out how Mari handles this.
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