Author Topic: New iRay renderer issues  (Read 1577 times)

Hi. I absolutely love the fact that we can now render images directly in SP, but there are some issues.

1. The very top section of the iRay settings under 'iRay Info' is very unclear. There are a few slider options that have no explanation to them and I don't know what they do (see attached). To be more clear, I don't know how it is affecting the render output. I.e. why would I choose longer rendering time and what is 'iterations/iterations' mean when it comes to getting a quality render?

2. I am simply trying to render out my image quickly and sharply and I cannot seem to get a sharp image. It says my model is Done rendering but it looks terrible (pixelated and grainy everywhere). I just want to snapshot my stuff to look exactly how it looked when I was painting. Why was this process severely complicated with the iRay solution when there are programs like SketchFab and Marmoset that take instant snapshots from what you see on the screen? (iRay takes hours to render and those other programs take hours to export the materials too, so I'm back to square one).

3. There is no documentation on any of these settings anywhere, except a youtube video I found that goes just briefly into it. We need to know what each and everyone one of these settings do and how they affect the render output. I.e. what is "IOR" under refraction and how does it affect my model?

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