Author Topic: Organizing Substances, generators, filters, etc.  (Read 2262 times)

Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone had any tips for organizing all the assets from monthly drops, substance share, personally-made substances.

I've created a secondary shelf folder for substance painter, but what about all the generators and filters for substance designer? Should I just point to the painter shelf?

How do you guys organize your stuff?

Because of the thumbnail building issues, I keep my extra content out of the Substance shelf folders.  I only import what I need for each project.  Not as convenient but I don't think these programs manage large shelves very well.

That makes sense, I previously filled the shelf but found it to be more of a hindrance than help.

About the filters and generators shard by Painter and Designer, I should be able to just point Designer to the shelf location and it'll grab what it can correct?