Author Topic: PBR maps in max 2017?  (Read 4735 times)

Hi everyone

I have a small problem with the new physically based material in 3ds max 2017. I can't get the exported maps from Substance Painter 2 to work.

I export the maps as metalic/roughness from Painter, but when I put those maps (roughness, metallic, normal, and albido) in the right slots in the new Max PBR material, then it looks nothing like in Painter. It's like the roughness channel don't work, it just get's super shiny, when it's suppose to be mat/bland, and inverting the map doesn't help either, then it just looks weird in another way. I am using the new art render in max, and have set up and hdri environment and all, and that works great. Just can't get the material to react as it should...

I don't have any screenshots with me right now. But I was hoping that one of your might know what I'm doing wrong here, maybe I need to do more with the Max material to get it to work?

Ronnie Ree