Author Topic: Houdini plugin in the wild  (Read 2120 times)

There's a nifty video of a Substance plug-in for Houdini (woop!) here:

but no link to the plug-in? Is it live yet?

Thanks, Kevin

Thanks Vincent

Whoa! Nice timing, just started using Houdini. Thanks! :)

Very cool and timely, I'm excited to test this out.

Question: I could not find what version of Houdini HDK the .dll was compiled against. Houdini is quite sensitive to the version when building a plugin.


Peter B

YAY! it's here!

IFAIK anything 15.0.403+ will work

NOTE: I tested the plugin a few days ago on Linux and there were some issues - I don't have access to my Linux box atm but it would be great if someone using Linux could test out the plugin right away.

ps - Hi Peter!
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Hey Michael,

Yeah I got it working fine on Windows in build 413.

How did they get George Clooney to do that video for them? Amazing!*

In the video it says that you have to apply a new shader to get it to render, but I found the Substance shader would directly render in Mantra without having to apply anything new. It didn't look "right" in the sense of being fully controlled by the Principaled shader (plus I like to use Displacement not Normal Maps) but it worked out of the box which is fantastic.

Maybe George* could update the video, seems like that's a new feature? A good one to be sure ;)


Peter B

*Rob sounds a lot like George Clooney :)

Ah I just discovered mantra.cfg in the dso/substance directory that is using a MantraSurface with some auto mapping. That explains why it renders now :)

I might experiment with using Principaled instead for fun.

I see "Displacement" commented out, that gives me hope for some nice interactive Displacement too.


Peter B

yes that video should be updated for sure...

one thing you may want to watch out for is the parameter names on the substances - last I looked they were not exactly "Houdini Style" ;)
it would be good to find a little workflow that would allow users to render with whatever shader they wanted - built in or custom.

it's fun playing with a new toy :D
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I noticed the parm names are ... random? Not the end of the world if all you're doing is spitting out textures for a Mantra Principaled though.

I tried the Linux plugin, seems to work fine except the installer script won't create $HOME/houdini15.0/dso for you, which it probably should.


Peter B