Author Topic: What's going on with normal maps???  (Read 1972 times)

not sure whats going on with the normals here.




Need to get this sorted. I need to get this little guy finished.

What shader are you using in the viewport of SP?

it was set to the standard pbr metal rough. Looks more or less the same regardless of the shader.

Could you send me the normal map?

In painter, if you solo the normal map does it look correct?
In the current screen shots you are viewing the entire material in the viewport (im seeing roughness, color, and metallic), where in the designer and modo it looks like youre just viewing the normal map.

Well it shouldn't be doing that either way. I did try that though. I cracked open sp2 on my home computer and baked out a normal map out of Xnormal and it was fine. I'll try updating the graphics card driver on my work computer on Monday to see if that's what's causing the issue as well as test some other projects.