Author Topic: more dynamic uses/updating of static input mesh maps and channels  (Read 1116 times)


The title might be a bit somewhat vague since this feature request sort of falls under a very ad-hoc approach to certain workflows (for what I mostly find this feature would be most useful to is/are non-pbr workflows, stylized assets, and low poly meshes that rely heavily on texel maps to generate detail.

In a nutshell it's mostly about the possibility to dynamically implement mesh maps and channels (ie. ao, normals, cavity/concavity, and mostly all non-user channels) to allow them to be dynamically used as sort of image/texture map inputs in it of themselves.

The approach I usually go about this and implementation are when I'm working with traditional/non-pbr assets in which I find myself mostly making dummy baker helpers as smart materials and export my final composite maps (ie. surface/micro detail, reflectance, occlusion, etc..) into these helpers and bake and blend them down to further into channels I would need them to be in (this is more ore less the pre-final export process).

It might not be that useful overall for the process above since it can be mostly handled by adhoc approaches such as creating dummy helpers in painter and doing some recursive map exports/imports.

However I see practicality of it in terms the normal mesh map input where the end user would maybe like a more fluid and dynamic approach to painting on the height/normal channel and directly having this updated as the input would help quite a bit especially in assets where the workflow isn't always to paint base added height/normal detail right off the start.