Author Topic: technical question about texture size vs. baked maps size  (Read 1556 times)


I am having this suspicion: when I am using 1k or 2k texture set size with 4k baked textures, and I am adding generators or so, that are using the baked maps, it will use the 4k maps (instead of downsized versions, that are matching the texture set size) to generate the effect.

at least, my substance painter is really slow, when I have baked at 4k, even if I am using reasonable (=smaller) texture set sizes.

If I am right, I´d suggest to create 2k and 1k bake-sets, that are beeing used, once you switch the texture set size to a lower value than the max baked size

If I am wrong, kick my ass  ::)
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You are actually right! :)
Fixing this is on our short term roadmap.

thanks for your reply, jeremie! Tbh, I wouldn´t have expected to be right  :o

So I´ll bake the maps at a lower resolution and rebake them at the end of the process.
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so has this been fixed?

my impression is, that this is causing a lot of confusion (and slowdowns)