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This new feature went under the radar a bit. To me it is a big deal though. Any more information on this?


It's listed under Content: so a few must be included.
I wish it were a feature/process..

Yeah, some are included. I just wonder how they scan it, how it compares to MegaScans, can we expect a retail scan device in the future, etc.

I want to try it out but I can't find them...
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There are only a few fabric, leather and rust scanned materials in 2.0, but we will add more in future updates.
Our scans are done using an in-house custom process using extremely high resolution cameras in a studio.
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I love you guys.

I had a look at the materials in SP2 but it is not clear which one is scanned and which one is not.

This thing is a bit of a hidden feature.