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Ello everyone,

I want to begin saying that I really like Allegorithmic policy/pricing for indie developers.

That said, I bought SP 1 with the sketchfab discount on christmas 2015. I didn't need it at that time and I only had a couple of tests in the past 2 monts. I thought: "Oh, I'm interested in it and there is a discount, why not?".
I would have waited two months (and a half) if I had known that the new version was near? Absolutely.
My bad that I have not looker for informations about it.

I think I will upgrade it, at some point, and that extra $49 aren't such a big deal. However the discount so near to the new version leave me with a bitter taste :(

Just to be sure, when Substance Designer 6 will be released? :D


Substance Designer 6 has not been announced yet ;)
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Designer 5 just came out this year?  They said before they were going to bring out new software about the same time

I would think the only other update this year would be b2M3. Then nothing new till next year

I was a little upset at the 100 price tag but seeing they give you a 50 store credit for a mood pac makes me feel a little better

Substance Designer 6 has not been announced yet ;)

Neither was Painter 2,  8 days ago :)

If you do not mind me asking will there be a monthly payment option to upgrade to painter 2? All I am getting is the one time payment option

Hey nmargie,

going to you should be able to find the Monthly Payment in the Indie License tab.

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Hey nmargie,

going to you should be able to find the Monthly Payment in the Indie License tab.

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No I do not see the option for upgrading to SP2

  Let me ask you something:
     Does that option show up after you enter your credit card info? I only went that far because I wasn't sure if I was going to be billed at that point

Hey nmargie,

there is no upgrade option for Substance Painter 2 on a monthly payment basis directly. You need to subscribe to Substance Live to use it.

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Ok it is not there, not sure what the issue is but

  It is clear is Allegorithmic only cares about people who are on the payment plan:
     These people still have live while those who paid a one time fee (some of us just last month) lost it last week
     These people know about the price days before the announcement
      God forbid someone on a payment plan has an issue, the world stops while Allegorithmic bends over backwards to solve it

   Not sure why it is so hard to get simply answers from you people. Why is live removed from my account, why is there no monthly payment option? You people have the time to ask me for another 100 (which not only would I have paid, but even defended the price point on here and steam) yet have no answers to simple questions

  I get it, you do not want business, so I will respect your wishes and find an alternative to your products

Hey nmargie,

even though I do not agree with your opinion I respect it and would like to know why you think this way (like I asked in the other thread, too). People using the Monthly payment method do not get benefits over the people with definitive licenses.

Why is live removed from my account, why is there no monthly payment option?

I can only guess why Substance Live has been removed from your account. This is what I think: Substance Live has no benefits any more for users but the Rent-to-own system. If you buy the Software upfront you don't need to get Substance Live, because it wouldn't change anything, the Monthly Drops are now for free, for instance.
To Subscribe to Substance Live and therefore get Substance Painter 2: I already redirected you to the website above. (attached Screenshot)

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OK  let us go through this slowly
SP2 upgrade
1. There is no direct upgrade to sp2 with monthly payment - we both know this
2. If I go to "get live" and select upgrade (since I own 2 of the three tools) there is no monthly payment option there only 1 99 payment
3. If I do what you suggest it simply says a 19.90 payment for live with no information about how many months, or how much I would pay

  Ok so those are my options. Just so we are clear:
   Are you telling me to go to the live monthly payment option and sign up for the 19.90 a month (option 3)? Because that option appears to only be for the entire package.

The live issue:
   Why didn't someone just say this yesterday? I know I was not the only one asking about this. OK so I now know that the live thing is not some error and it is not coming back

Tanks for the details

Hey nmargie,

the only monthly payment option Allegorithmic offers right now is the Substance Live membership, so both, Option 1 and 2, can't be done. That's correct.
If you want to get Substance Painter 2 on a monthly paid basis, you would need to subscribe for the whole Substance Live membership, yes. This should work from my understanding.
I didn't tell you the reason why Substance Live is not active for your account, by the way, I guessed it. It's not official information as far as I know that.

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At least it is an answer.

   I have to say your marketing/PR team needs to be replaced

 Not long ago the news was they were going to make live a yearly thing. Live 2015 would become 2016 and so on. Plans change and it appears that this may no longer be the case, which is fine. The issue is that for some reason Allegorithmic doesn't want to say anything. So what you have is people going

    1. Well they just said live would be a yearly thing
    2. My live is gone so it must be time for  live 2016
    3. They talk about benefits for live members
    4. Yet my live is gone and the only people who have it or gotten emails are people still paying
    5. Why are people paying still live when people who, paid upfront, have not had it for a year no longer
    6. Allegrothimic is not making any statements
     In other words people are like WTF man

  As for upgrading to SP2. From what we just discussed it appears the easiest, cheapest thing would be just pay the 99 upfront. Which is fine and I will do it in a few. The issue it seems to be yet another area where Allegorithmic made changes (the way the monthly payment option work) but do not want to say anything. If they would have done that I would have not been looking at my computer screen reading another "The payment option is here" response thinking "it is not f88888 there"

I quess what I am trying to say is someone at Allegorithmic needs to take a minute and make a quick forum sticky addresses changes inhow things work. It would go along way in answering many peoples questions   


Just to check if everything is clear for you now, especially after the email we sent on Friday 18th?

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