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could you point me more substances with animation in it ,like the floor in airstream demo?
lets supose im animating a ball surface with noise,is the 2d noise wraped around the ball with uv seams or is it a 3d noise?
and with B2M, how to get tileable animations?
any more examples of $time to produce animations or its mainly fxmaps?
thanks for info
looks interesting

If you animate a noise on a ball you would have seams indeed as it would be 2d noises. You could prevent that by using a shader that blends between 2 uv sets to hide the seams.

B2M has no animation parameter but you can easily add panning animations in Substance Designer through the transfo2d node using $time.

Look for the "Electric liquid", "fire" or "animated waves" substances on the website or the Asset Store for example of animated textures, although I think these all use animated FXMaps.

how do i use the systemvariable $time for the float values for "offset" on a transform 2D node?

okay, i answered this one myself:

$time is a float, use a get float, then use a scalar multiplication (operator) to multiply the x/y offset (get float2) with the system time (float) and you are done.

remember to set an actual offset value, otherwise there is nothing to multiply the time with and you are waiting for a transformation that will never come ;)