Author Topic: @Dev Team: please allow the co-existing of diff. version installs (if safe)  (Read 871 times)


// explanation, then question at the end, thx!

Installing SP2 removed SP1 auto-magically & normally I understand the intention there..yet I have reasons I would like to have SP1 and SP2 at my disposal.

I have re-installed SP1 and SP2 disappeared.
So, I have duplicated/copied the SP1 install directory, as so I have SP1 available while SP2 is the "installed version".
Will this cause major issues ?

My Feature Request:
..'would you devs please adjust that installer process (perhaps add a bool flag) to not wipe away previous versions(if mayhem is not encountered by doing so.)

Thank You Dev Team

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Hey D3V,

Allegorithmic is working on a fix right now. After the fix you can install both Substance Painter 1 & 2 without conflicts.

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Super Fabian to the speedy rescue!
Thx Fab! ;)