Author Topic: Adding a gloss output to a normal maps alpha?  (Read 2554 times)

Hello, my work asked me if I was interested in doing a walkthrough for them using Lumion 6. I've been reading the Lumion documentation and it says "If your Normal Map contains an alpha channel, it will be used as a Gloss mask."

I assume this is possible with Substance Designer, I was just curiots if this was how all normal maps are setup? Or if there was something special I'd have to do in order to make this work? Thanks!

Its not how all normal maps are set up and at the same time it is not something unusual. Dont know about Lumion and other arch-vis stuff , but its common practice in gamedev to use alpha channel or use different channel of whole image for something usefull. Often it is because of resource management and shader setup. Instead of adding whole new image that contains only one mask , you can mix this mask with normal map putting it in alpha channel . Or you can assemble image with something like - R- for metalness, G- for roughness , B- for height and A for  some blending mask. Less images , less memory used

Thanks for the info Dyuk, sorry it took so long to reply. Your method worked like a charm, well, as much a charm as Lumion allows anyways.