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on my Mac Book Pro (a new one 2 weeks old biggest one in Store)
i have no GPU iray Settings and a click to start render crashes your hole App
Screen Refresh with your own sample give me full broken View sometime i see the head but
not the body other time the body without arms and so far.

The Update Price and the .1 behind the 2 told me that you fix some Problems very fast but i be no Beta tester
i pay for your App and i pay in my eyes too much for what i get.

If you want earn Money like Professionals you must act like them and testing a actual Mac was such a thing
before you get angry Users

As a Tip from me actual Mac Books have a Ati graphic Card and for me hole Iray is not working and bring your App crashing
If you can fit that fast as possible no problem otherwise tell me please how i can get my Money back



PS i try send you a Bug report with crash dumps but that work in same way than iray
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Can you attach your log file ?
See :

If you want a refund please contact us at : contact [at] allegorihtmic [dot] com
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

i try sending a complete Bug report but that doses´t work it have no effect click the send button
and i found out why it not work here a sample from your Logfiles before you read i told it to you

Your Render Engine needs CUDA drivers and Cuda is for Nvidia GPU only no other GPU will work
with your Render Engine you not believe me here your own Logfile:

[INFO] <Qt> "[DBG INFO][Iray Service]" Iray dso path:  "/Applications/Grafik/3dStudio/Substance"
[INFO] <IRay> neuray header  API interface version = 14
[INFO] <IRay> neuray header  API version           = 4.0
[INFO] <IRay> neuray library API interface version = 14
[INFO] <IRay> neuray library build version string  = '2016, build 250909.5884, 16 Dec 2015, macosx-x86-64-clang'
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   0.0   PLUG   plug error: /Applications/Grafik/3dStudio/Substance symbols "mi_plugin_factory" or "initializer" not found
[INFO] <IRay> Starting IRay...
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   0.1   CUDA   rend warn : CUDA module initialization failed.
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   0.1   CUDA   rend warn : The version of your CUDA driver is 0.0, but 6.5 is the required minimum
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   0.1   CUDA   rend warn : Please update your display driver.
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   1.1   IRAY   rend warn : CUDA module initialization failed with error 'CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version'; iray can only run in CPU mode. Please update your NVIDIA driver (
[WARN] <IRay/Core>   1.1   IRAY   rend warn : There is no GPU available to the iray renderer.
[INFO] <IRay>    Done.
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr> Hardware detected:
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>    Name: CPU
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       ID: 4294967295
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       MemorySize: 0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       TCCFlag: false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       CUDA ID: 0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       CUDA Capability version: 0.0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Clock Rate: 0 Hz
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Multi Processor Count: 0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       PCI Bus ID: 0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       PCI Device ID: 0
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Attached To Display: false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'ogl': false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'irt': false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'iray': true
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'blend': false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'irt_cloud': false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'iray_cloud': false
[INFO] <IRay/HardwareMgr>       Is Enabled for 'nitro_cloud': false

Now it is your Turn, you make a technique in your App that only Users with Nvidia GPU can use
hole others must use CPU there is absolutely nothing else you can do than make a Render Engine in your App that work with more than one GPU Seller like Nvidia in my Eyes that is a complete rewrite of your Code.

For me the result was i use it with CPU or i use a App that can handle my GPU too and believe me
i am not alone not everybody have a Nvidia Card in his System all new Mac Books have AMD GPus

I see the Post today that you make the price a bit down that will be ok for all Users that can use full Functionality
of your App and what doc the other 50 % with AMD/ATI GPU ?

For me your Render Engine will never work there are no CUDA drivers for AMD/ATI GPU´s

Without a accelerator and CPU only what will be the Update Price here ?


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