Author Topic: SD 4.6.2- Export to PSD creates transparency in normals map.  (Read 1245 times)

I've never really dove into SD until now, but I followed along with this dirty tiles tutorial:

Everything went smoothly and it works as expected in SD, but I'm having problems when it comes to exporting.

Left is exporting as a normal bitmap, right is if exporting layers to a PSD.

I know I can toggle the transparency in the 2D preview, but that doesn't help with the PSD exporting. Is there anything I need to do so PSD will export proper normals?

SD 4.6.2 through Steam

You need to remove the alpha channel from the normal map.  Get this node created by Froyok, it's just using a levels node and making the Alpha black.

I went ahead and created one myself, but that did the trick. Thanks!