Author Topic: Dummy/Placeholder Images for input nodes  (Read 1280 times)

It is very difficult to visualise the effect of materials or filters that have input nodes because they go black untill there is an image plugged in externally. I would love it if there was a concept of a dummy image that is used as a placeholder so that the graph will show meaningful previews, but when that substance is published it sill allows any plugged in node to pass through and replace it. This would avoid the current problem where you need to plug something instead of the input node in order to see something, but then have to go through and remember to re-plug the input node for when you want to publish the substance. Since moving to an PBR workflow this problem is magnified by the increase in possible input nodes required in any given material.

There is already one actually :)
Simply drag and drop a bitmap from a package to an input node in the graph, and that bitmap will be used as a placeholder. It will only work while inside the graph though, not when you instantiate it.

SWEET! That is wonderful news, guess you learn something everyday. It's times like these that I really wish there was a wiki or a tips and tricks documentation for such little nuggets. Also, I hope at some point it will eventually work while instantiated, seems like small potatoes though, now that I know there is a way to do it inside the graph.