Author Topic: Substance Painter 2 weird patch work pattern on mesh!  (Read 2886 times)

My initial excitement about SP2 upgrade has quickly been crushed by some weird behaviour on my mesh showing square patches all over it, even with normals added! is this a known issue or is it a new bug that I've just paid $118 for?

please help as I'm in the middle of a time sensitive project and don't have the time to troubleshoot until the end of the project next week


Hey midnightbadger,

I've not seen this issue before. Could it have to do with your smoothing groups? Can you double check that, please?

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Hi Fabian, thanks for the rapid response. Not sure what you mean about smoothing groups do you mean sub divisions? it's an obj export from zbrush with 4 sub div levels! I'll try again on lowest level and see it that helps


Check the groups in ZBrush. Activate the 'Draw Polyframe' button in ZBrush, and check if there are groups in the mesh that mess up your model in Painter.

Click 'GroupVisible' in the Polygroups panel, and export again.

The facets definitely correspond to the loopy mesh...

Volker you are a legend! Group Visible in polygroups worked a treat

Cheers ;D

Also note that zBrush don't export vertex normals in OBJ, and will do something weird in FBX.
You should pass by a 3D application first before bringing your mesh into Substance Painter in order to clean it properly.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Yes, better pass it through another program. I use Modo for this. Rename the objects properly (with _low extension for the mesh names so I can use the 'Match by Mesh name'/ 'Only same mesh name' features when baking normal and AO maps), and assign materials (a unique material name for each sub-object I want to paint).