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Hi Guys. I do alot of architecutal visualization at Work and I often end up changing tile formats and color on pavements or walls many times before we settle on something. So i'm thinking that to save time i could get the substance database and do realtime changes inside maya or 3ds max. The thing is that its hard for me to tell how "parametric" the substances in the database are inside maya. Specifically i'm interested in being able to change the formats (height and Width) on many of the substances showing concrete or ceramic tiles without squeezing and stretching uvs. Preferably i would like to do this in mayas viewport.
I know this is kinda hard to answer since the substances in the database probably have many different parameters, but maybe you could help me a Little along the way before i spend my boss' money:-) ?

Hey mvadstrup,

all the substances in the Database should work exactly the same in Maya as they do in Substance Designer or Substance Player.

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Thanks for the reply Fabian! Good to know! I just miss a way to know exactly what parameters that are available in each substance before i buy acces to the database. Thanks again:)

Hey mvadstrup,

Thanks for the suggestion, you can post this in the uservoice, too, if you like. :)

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Yeah that would be a nice thing to be able to see. It's hard to tell how useful a substance really is unless you can see what is editable.


This is a bit of a procedural question.. (pun not intended) I was hung up for a long time with final assembly in Maya.. I was under the impression that i would want to tweek all my textures there after they were applied in Painter.  I assume that really isn't possible?  i would have to bake and then import the obj. into maya then i would be stuck what do others do?
Workflow 1 - use substances in maya and tweak away as your assembling the scene.. But no painting is available. 

Workflow 2 - Do all my texturing in Painter then freeze the textures bake and then im kinda stuck with a static setup in maya. (Then if i want changes i need to go back to painter re bake and then re-import.)

Is that right?  Or is there a workflow im missing.. Would live a live link with painter for example. where things just update like they do with GOZ and zbrush / keyshot.   

what do others do?
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