Author Topic: SP2 Upgrade effect on Live Subscription?  (Read 2376 times)

Just wondering, I had an indie live subscription before due to me buying the entire suite of tools outright around January. If I upgrade to Painter 2, will I still be considered an Indie Live member? Thanks in advance!

Hey pablopicasso,

I'm not sure about this, honestly. To make sure you should wait for an answer by an Administrator.

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Thanks :) Will do.

Same here, upgraded all my package outright to get the Substance Live account.
Now my account no longer has any mention of being a live member.
So I can't get SP2 when live promised this: From the live purchase page.
Substance Live
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Hey john_9,

to clarify that: You owned the Substance Live package (SD, SP, B2M)  because you bought it outright and were therefore upgraded to a Substance Live account?
Or did you paid on a monthly basis?

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I am running into the same error, but with Substance Live Pro. I purchased it in June 2015 with a full payment, but it doesn't show that I have the newest update for Substance Painter. Do we have to purchase the upgrade to Substance Painter 2 even as john_9 pointed out that we will always have the latest version of SP, SD and B2M? Thanks!

Hey guys,

When you bought Substance outright (Substance Pack now) you need to upgrade manually for $75. Only when paying monthly you'll get the update instantly.

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