Author Topic: Painter upgrade steam license on allegorithmic website.  (Read 2678 times)

just one question/ clarification ( be sure before upgrade ) :

" $99 (Indie) and $300 (Pro) on your upgrade page if you already have a Substance Painter 1 license."

If I buy substance live on steam, and my account is connected to my allegorithmic account,.

I need upgrade from steam or I can upgrade from allegorithmic website ?
I ask because painter 1 license appear on account but no invoices directly on allegorithmic website (it's on steam ) .

For those of you on Steam, the release will be available early next week.

So, need wait on steam I suppose, even painter 1 license exist on allegorithmic website.

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Hey cedricsourd,

you can upgrade on the Allegorithmic website or wait for Substance Painter 2 to be released on Steam next week. If you buy the upgrade on the website now, Allegorithmic can provide you a Steam key next week.

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Speedy fabian  :)

Thanks for quick answer.