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Hi all,

I'm working on a character for my portfolio so this is a big step forward in a quality of my work, so i need an advice. It is quite complex character so i going to bake maps in Xnormal so i could assemble those in Photoshop after. Please list all the maps i might need for my work in Substance painter?

I know all about Normals, Ambient Occlusion and Curvature Maps. Are there any other maps i could create and benefit from in substance painter?

Hey andrej.klimov,

a position and world space normal map can help, as well.

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You can benefit from a lot of different map types that you can also bake directly in Painter. What maps you should bake depends on how you are planning to texture your model. If you plan to use smart materials, you should bake all maps utilized in the smart material you want to use/ edit/ create, else the material won't look correctly.

I usually have a UVd lowres mesh and a matching highres version of it to bake normals, world space normals, AO, curvature and position maps. If you plan to create e.g. a fake SSS effect, you probably want to bake thickness additionally. If you have several different materials per object, you might want to bake ID maps and use those to mask your materials. You can e.g. use the UV shells for that, or paint the IDs onto your model using vertex painting in an external program.

Thank you guys