Author Topic: SP2 What time is the release?  (Read 2895 times)

Hi guys,

Thank you for one more step towards perfect video game asset Texturing software. Unfortunately from your trailer i cant see a lot of changes so could you please provide the list of new features?

It is 16th of March by the way :) what time is the release. I'm very exited so please provide more info on when and how much. Please pack one for me, I'm first in a queue

*thumbsup* also getting antsy waiting for the update! I so hope that you've fixed the tri-planar bug that occurs when using a mesh with averaged normals. Please, oh, pretty please sample the normal from the normal map now.

ref: triplanar projection issues

Hey andrej.klimov,

I guess Substance Painter will be released about 10/11 AM in San Francisco at the GDC. That is in more or less 3-4 hours. Don't quote me on that, though, I can just guess, too.

Best Regards
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Thank you very much Fabian!

Substance Painter is downloadable now, but no word about license upgrade yet :)

It should show up on your upgrade page

 Looks like 100.00 to upgrade

What if we purchased through STEAM? I don't have any licenses on the allegorithmic website etc. When will we have the opportunity to upgrade via. STEAM?

Hey kevinsalki,

you can link your Steam account to update the licenses. Substance Painter on steam will come next week.

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Ok. How do I link STEAM to my allegorithmic account?

Hey kevinsalki,

log in to our Allegorithmic Account on its website. In your Account settings you should be able to link the Steam account. If not, please come back here and we'll get this resolved.

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Yes I'm not seeing the ability to link anywhere. Under MY ACCOUNT I see Username / Email / Current Newsleter Subscriptions. All other menus ie. Downloads / Live / Billing are vacant.

Hey there. I'm a lucky owner of SP 1 pro license. I received an email a few minutes ago that I can now upgrade for $300. I clicked on the link and then the page tells me that I don't have anything that can be upgraded... :(
What's going on? How can I throw money at you guys so that  Ican put my hands on the 2.0 version?
thanks :)

Hey Guys,

regarding your problem, kevinsalki, I want to redirect you to this thread: Thank you.

PROTOFACTOR, if you have nothing shown on your Account Upgrade Page (, please contact Allegorithmic directly via email at or the contact form on the website.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I did contact them a few minutes ago. Hopefully they'll get back to me quickly. Can't wait to put my hands on the V2.0...


in the meantime you can download Substance Painter 2 and use the trial.

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