Author Topic: About the new rules...  (Read 1898 times)

I just got the email, lets see if I understood correctly.

I payed 13 months so in 3 months I would own the apps.
Wednesday you release Painter v2, but I wont own that software unless I pay until November.

Am I right? At the beginning of the subscription I understood that you were supposed to own up to the latest version while you pay.

Lets suppose that I am only really using Painter, and I would prefer to stop paying as soon as possible, would be kind of sad to pay 3 months with no improvements to the software, as well paying until November sounds a loot.. so what are the options?

  They are extending you till Nov with only 3 months left? So if you still have Apr-May-June to pay you will also need to pay July-Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov which adds about 100 to your cost. Which could mean a few things

1. V2 will cost 150 but as an existing customer you get 50 off
2. V2 may be higher than the 150 and you are getting a bigger discount
3. There may be some extra payment for the pay as you go option. I know when you start live it is either 300 upfront or 320 with payments. Maybe the way it works out you are paying a bit more

I would suggest waiting until Wednesday and seeing what they announce. Depending on which of the above is true you may be better off paying off your current version and upgrading later. I like Allegorithmic and the substance tools but have no idea why they would announce a new piece of software only a week out and provide no info on cost or even improvements/new features 

Look at the bright side, you are getting info while some people are still waiting for any news. Then there are others who seem to have issues with their live accounts. No doubt it will all be fixed on Wednesday