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Is it possible to use Vray and Substance Designer in a similar way that the Substance Bonus Tools for Maya allow you to use Mental Ray? 

In other words, can we set up a Vray shading network that uses a Substance to control the diffuse, specular, and normal maps, and that allows you to tweak the Substance parameters inside Maya in real-time just like you can do for the Maya Software Renderer?

I'm not talking about baking maps and then importing these into Maya for use with Vray, btw.


Actually, the Vray renderer supports Substance since Maya 2011.5. Unfortunately, it uses an old swatch baking class that is mono-threaded due to a limitation in the Maya API. You will most probably experience some lagging issue when you'll try to wire a Substance material to a Vray shader.

However, you can use Substance Bonus Tools to create a File node shader network. This set of tools is represented by these two icons:

The first one allows you to create a Vray-ready network, and the second one to convert an existing substance network.
This way, you will be able to use substance textures with Vray, animate them or customise them during your RT session without any lag.  ;)
I hope this will help.
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Hi there,

I'm using Maya 2013 and Vray RT. Whether I use the button you mention above to create my networks or use the "standard" way of generating the file nodes, I still get very noticeable lag when adjusting the sliders in a substance node (stuff like "age", "brick width", etc.) It seems like jpegs are being generated slowly - RT has to wait for those jpegs to be written out by the Substance node before RT can update.

Is there something I'm missing?


Have you tried with another file format such as TGA?
Jpeg compression might actually takes a little bit more time to generate the bitmap file.
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