Author Topic: Hard to see Brush  (Read 4105 times)

Hey folks, i'm just stepping by to suggest adding a little glow around the cursor in the bitmap node.
I just had to paint on a relativly dark texture and i did not see my brush so well.

I looked at PS and found they have a small white glow around their brush, maybe you could add that, too.

Yes indeed. We know we still have some stuffs to improve for the paint. I reported it in our feature list, although I cannot say when it will be done (there are other cool stuffs we are working on :) )
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I am sure you all are working hard on the program and i dont want to say youre lazy at all or something. PLease also dont get annoyed by me.

Sometimes if i work on something really hard for really long, i dont see problems fresh eyes see. So i just wanted to make the suggestion.

Don't worry we didn't take it wrong :)
I just wanted to mean that it's a good idea, but I cannot provide any ETA for the moment.
Head of Product Management