Author Topic: [feedback]Well, I just submitted a really crappy submission  (Read 1227 times)

Thought I'd give this sharing thing a go today, but the submission process left me with many questions and uncertainties.
  • I got a square thumbnail img, not on a sphere mesh which is on the submissions I see on the website. Is that automatically generated?
  • My thumbnail looked lowres because my graph was 256x256. Am I supposed to submit the sbs/sbsar on higher output size than parent? The parameters in UE4 etc would not be correct etc so this was confusing.
  • Are there any upload guidelines or other info I'm missing somewhere?
  • What happens next after I've clicked the Start Upload button? Do I get a preview to see if I'm happy with the submission, maybe testdownload the file myself to see if it works? (no, this just submitted the entry for review, oops..).
To make this process less confusing for me I need to understand what happens step by step in the upload process.
  • Thumbnail: How/where will this thumbnail be used. I need to understand its purpose to understand if it is a good thumbnail or not.
  • Name: Is this a place for artistic poetry or is it suppose to discribe the material. "Moonlight Blossom" or "Damaged Brown Old Brick Wall"?
  • Discription: Am I supposed to discribe how it looks, or how the sbs/sbsar behaves in applications, or what parameters are exposed, etc?
  • Start upload: What happens when I press it? Will I be taken to a browser to see my own submission before I publish it, will it publish itself automatically?

Anyway, guess I'll fix up my submission a bit more and write some proper text on to it next time.

I really love the concept of 'share', hope to be able to upload many things to it soon. Thanks for all the amzing work you do, Allegorithmic!  :-*