Author Topic: Will we get some footage of GDC 16?  (Read 4152 times)

Awesome! They really went in-depth with their pipeline. Source protected nodes in particular caught my eye!
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I still hoping and waiting for the "environment texturing" footage - this week is getting longer and longer ;)

Do you plan to release more stuff this week?

(I am looking for the "Solomon Temowo" session)


I am also wondering if more will be released.
I really Liked the Rogelio one as he actually showed you some useful tips. Plus the resolution was great. The other videos were bad quality.

It´s been another week and a half... any news or release-schedule avail?

Sorry, I think that at this point we have released all the sessions that have been recorded. If the particular session you were waiting for has not been published yet, it will probably never be.

hmmm, that´s a pitty...

then my last hope is, that Wes will do some video on landscape texturing, like he said he would ;)