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I just seen that painter 2 was coming next week. If I understand the past announcements correctly then sometime this year Designer 6 should also come out.

I know you guys normally give some sort of discount to owners of the current version if they upgrade within a set time frame. Are you only doing this for individual tools or will it also be an option for upgrading live as well? For example: Will I need to upgrade Painter this month and Designer later this year (to get the discounts) or will you guys offer some sort of live upgrade where people can simply upgrade their live 2015 pack to 2016.


Hey nmargie,

I am pretty sure Allegorithmic will publish more information about that kind of question the nearer the release date of Substance Painter comes.

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That's cool

If I am not mistaken isn't live 2015 the original offering of live? Which would make this the first time it was upgraded; no doubt they do not have all the answers yet.

  Only asked now because I have a habit of waiting till the last min. I still remember missing the big live sale on steam back in 2014