Author Topic: Wrap-R the missing link between Sketchup and Substance  (Read 3028 times)

Hi guys,

I'm a Sketchup user but Sketchup is awful at dealing with UV's and also is incapable of UV unwrapping.

So I have to rely on a convuluted way of unwrapping inside SU or export to Blender to UV unwrap my models and work with Painter or Designer.

However, it seems a link that will solve both issues is well under way, and seems to be working nicelly as a proof of concept:

- UV Unwrapping directly a sketchup model using direct integration;
- Multi UV support for a sketchup model under the radar (will facilitate the life on Game Engines export too...);
- Easily unwrap using familiar Sketchup tools.

I imagine this will allow for a lot of fast hard surface modelling to a lot more users and probably it would be interesting for Allegorithmic to get into that market too...