Author Topic: Is it Legal to give or sell 2D Textures ?  (Read 2878 times)

I read the EULA's but I'm still not 100% sure. about 2D textures .

Is it Legal to give or sell 2D Textures That I make in Substance Painter using Substance Painter Procedurals ,Generators ,Materials ,Smart Material's etc etc.

I'm just talking about the 2D Textures that goes A long with the meshes I make.

I'd really appreciate it if you would answer Yes or No .
Thanks a lot

Hey rorrkonn,

I am not sure about this but selling the Substance or just the texture should not make a difference.

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Well if I make my own stuff from scratch in Substance Designer.
If I just use Compositing Nodes ,FX Map Nodes ,Function Nodes ,Functions.
Then it's mine & I own the copyright on it right ?
So if I own the copy right I can give away or sell the shader ,textures or any thing else right ?

Yes of course, you can do anything you want with outputs from Substance Painter.

Is there any danger someone might copyright an arrangement of nodes that then prevents others from using the software properly?

I've seen at least a couple of examples elsewhere where someone claimed copyright on what was basically connecting up building blocks in the way they were intended to be connected up.

Hopefully Allegorithmic have got this prohibited in the EULA?