Author Topic: Binary files on the Server?  (Read 1521 times)

For a few months now I noticed that some of the files in Substance Share are linked as text files, not as binary files, which can cause problems when downloading them. It took me a while to notice the problem and find out that you have to right click, save as and then rename the file.
This is a quite error-prone worklflow and the files are much larger then the would have to be. Can you save the files as binary files on the server?

By the way: I think the usability of Substance Share could be improved, it's very hard to keep yourself organized. Maybe you could think of better ways of intergrating the Share-Database in Painter? (just a suggestion).

Hey raschid,

thanks for your feedback! I believe that Allegorithmic is aware of that and is forcing new uploads to be zipped so no errors should be present for new files.

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