Author Topic: Is it possible to make this kind of brick pattern?  (Read 3540 times)


I am curious what method would it be to achieve brick tiling like seen below. I have tried the basic methods like brick generator and tile generator but with the most basic parameters it seems not doable. I am quite new substance user so might just be that I missed something :P

It is important the the seam of each second row goes at 1/3 of the upper brick
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The default brick2 which comes with substance is actually pretty close but would be nice if I could tweak it just a bit

Hey artem.huotarinen,

I have a screenshot attached. This can be done with the Tile generator easily.
The shape is just a square with an adjusted interstice value for both the X and Y.
'Offset' lets you shift the bricks around.

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Thanks for the reply, I managed to get that result as well but its not exactly what I am after. As demonstrated in the image below I want to have the 1/3 ratio and stratight brick line down so I can map for example edge of a wall there. And eavenly sized bircks. This one below is using the brick2 which is kinda close already but would be nice  to have the bricks eavenly sized as well
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Hello there! I had recently found a solution to a similar problem myself, so I thought I'd share my answer. Looks like you want something kind of like Fabian's solution, but with the brick alignment going back and fourth as it goes down, rather than to one side each time? I think the simplest solution would be to use Fabian's setup, but only with two rows, and then tile that result vertically, with only one column (maybe using Tile Random, with the pattern set to input and the size set to 1. I thought about Transform, but that would squish the horizontal gaps)

Hey artem.huotarinen,

this pattern should be the one you are looking for, actually. (screenshot)

I created the pattern the same as described above by myself, but instead of using the 'Offset' I leave the pattern as it is, check on 'horizontal mask' and then duplicate the tile generator, invert the mask and blend both together. Using the global offset on the second tile generator lets you now shift the bricks sideways, while the other rows are not affected.

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