Author Topic: One Substance, two variations?  (Read 1397 times)

Hi there,

I was wondering about the workflow between substance and Ue4 regarding Materials.

Let´s say I have 2 differents walls, and 1 Material (created in SD or SP) applied to both of the walls.

For this simple example, let´s say the material is white.

If I change the color attribute in my Material, both of the wall will change the color. Is it possible to change the color attributes only to one wall, without making a second material?

I hope my question is not too confusing,



Hey, I am not a UE4 specialist, but the logic should be the same in any engine:

A material and/or a substance just follow the rules you are defining: therefore if you want a material to behave differently on 2 walls, you have to create a solution for the substance to distinguish the 2 walls: it could be a bitmap mask for example.

Hey pjaritz,

you could create a Material Instance, which is much cheaper performance-wise, than a full new material. Changing the main material will also affect the Material Instance, but the changes you do in the instance, like changing the colour, won't affect the parent material.

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Hey fabian,

Thanks for the hint, I didn´t think of using a parent material separately from its instance for this purpose, I´ll try that.