Author Topic: Importing Substance Share into SP  (Read 2245 times)

Hey guys,  I'm working on a axe and I wanted to use some different materials for the wood handle.  I looked into Substance Share and found some great materials that I wanted to use, but once I set everything up I had the sbsar files in my Documents/Substance Painter/Shelf/Materials loaded up SP went to File/Import Substance loaded my material and it loaded in my shelf under the Tab "Textures".  I was a little confused from some of the forums that I found because it said from that point I have to open a default SP a material in the Parameters Tab and then drag my imported material onto "Material Mode Field" and save that as a new preset material.   

I've been at this for about 2 hours researching it, but I'm not having any luck would appreciate any help you guys have!


The File>Import dialog is kind of broken and you probably shouldn't use it. To import a material in your project, drag and drop it in the materials shelf. To import it permanently to your shelf, copy it in your Documents/Substance Painter/Shelf/Materials indeed (you will have to restart SP to see the new material).