Author Topic: Substance batch tools samples in V4.0  (Read 3918 times)

Hi, I am willing to try using the batch tools. It looks like they are included in substance designer V4.0 but the maxscript example is not included in the scripts. Also I only see sbscooker.exe and sbsrender.exe and no executable for the baker. Would it be possible to clarify how to use the batch tools with SD 4.0 and how to find some samples please ? thx


Just installed the package available from our website on my workstation (substance_batchtools_4_0_0_build_13108) and everything is in the right place.

Can you try to reinstall it ?
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I have Substance on steam. I attached a screenshot of my steam folder and a screenshot of the v4.0 trial I just installed. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I don't see the baker. And in the samples folder there is nothing about batching, and I can't find any maxscript.

Actually, the batch tools are not released on Steam. So you don't have them in your package.

Please send us an email requesting them and I'll provide them to you.

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Are the batch tools included in the trial? I'm quite interested in them. Thanks.

No, the batch tools are only available with the full version.