Author Topic: my texture just keep on bugging, can some one help me  (Read 790 times)

i was making a cloth with marvelous designer and substance painter
everything were hoing just fine, until i try to render.
then i find out that the button of the cloth just keep on bugging.
i cant find the way to solve this, here is how it looks like

and here is the texture.

i dont know why but the base color is looking fine, but the texture just meking the little cycle brown.

thank you

Hard to say what that rendering could be about without looking at the project directly. Post a screenshot of your UV layout, TextureSets, and layer stack please.

Second screenshot: this is normal,  happens due to the environment lighting, and has nothing to do with the actual texture.
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i find out why now
i just mirror u the texture area of the button
then everything goes fine