Author Topic: What will our workflow look like, when Substance painter is "live" ?  (Read 897 times)

hi there,

I wonder, how Substance Painter will affect the workflow.

From what I´ve seen, SP will be used to paint fx directly on a model. In the video, wear and tear fx were added on the dumpster.

What will be the main differences to SD4?
I thought, you can add this decals, mud, grunge, scratches etc. with it, too?

Is it “only” about painting it directly on a model?

How would a workflow between let´s say Scupltris/ZBrush will look for creating diffuse, spec, normal, etc. maps and bring it into a game engine, like Unity3d?

This is very interesting stuff and I want to build up some clue, when to use what and so on…

Please share your ideas with me!

Best Regards!