Author Topic: Substance Materials for iray in 3ds Max  (Read 4319 times)


I am looking to render with iray in 3ds Max. When I tired to make a Standard material using Substance, the textures render in Mental Ray but not in iray. If I use an iray material, the colors work, but not the displacement maps and others.

Has anyone had any success with the iray material or Standard material using iray in 3ds Max? Please share your tips.

I've been messing with this on and off.  I'm assuming you're using the default iray renderer that comes with 3Ds Max and not the newly released plugin sold by nvidia?

I purchased Substance Designer and then grabbed their MDL materials to use with the nvidia plugin.  Which seemed to work well.  However I've had limited success with max using the default iray.  For example you could use the arch and design material, but the maps are interpreted differently.  I'm trying to remember the details now, but the gloss was either too shiny or too matte.  I tried to come up with a standard set of rules for post processing the maps in photoshop, but even then the results weren't a one to one and I believe they never will be, because the default iray doesn't implement the GGX shader model.

I also ran across other issues like the IOR map not working.  Once again I forget the exact details, but any place where the IOR map had pure black (a value of 0) iray and mental ray would render artifacts.  I had to go in and adjust the levels just enough so no pixel could reach a value of 0.  Once again, this isn't an ideal solution.

I believe Allegorithmic is supposed to be rolling iray into SP, which should make life a lot easier.  Sadly I don't think they've mentioned how far out this feature is.  I'm guessing they won't release a statement until it's officially out, but it would be nice if they revealed improvements like this on a public road map.   I work at a college and our students are scratching their heads wondering how to actually show their work of.   Purchasing Marmoset toolkit or the new iray plugin will probably be the answer, but I keep crossing my fingers we can dodge teaching yet another "utility app".

Just use UE4 I guess, or renderman.